Christmas in July

Let’s face it, there is a lot to get done in every-day life, but come December? Come Christmas? Everyone goes into task overload! There is always something we need to accomplish to be prepared for the Holiday Season. Not only that, but there is always something we planned to do at the end of last Christmas, to make the next Christmas easier! Perhaps we planned to get a new tree, or replace some outside decorations. Maybe we planned to buy our Christmas cards so we could address them early, or get new Christmas plates for that party we host every year. Yes, we have the greatest resolve when we’re stressed out in the season, but when the season is over and everything calms down… well, the road to a calmer Holiday Season is paved with good intentions.

You might wonder, what is one to do? Celebrate twice, of course! That’s right! We’re making it easier to alleviate the stress of December, by celebrating Christmas in July! All year long we set back Christmas items in our warehouse to Gift & Thrift (see what we did there?) when The Holiday Season begins. This year however, we decided to give our valued customers a pre-season opportunity! … and not only that, but the opportunity is at 50% off! Yes, it’s true!  Our Christmas merchandise including Trees, tree stands, pillows, linens, housewares, ornaments, books … and more… will be available starting July 1st, at half its normal price.

Can you imagine? Getting your Christmas items now so that come December, all you have to do is put them out and up? No swimming in the sea of humanity at the big ‘box stores’, trying to dodge the crowds…just to buy what everyone else is buying. No rushing around to gather all the things you need instead of spending quality time with family and friends! That’s right! With Christmas in July, we get to take back and really enjoy Christmas in December!

So, join us this July for our mid-year Christmas celebration! Come find everything you need to decorate and dazzle, shimmer and smile, and rest and relax come December! You know, at our store we like to say, “Where every purchase is a gift to the world”. This July however, it could be said, “Where every Christmas purchase is a Joy to the World … and your peace of mind!

P.S. We’ve heard rumors that the “Gift & Thrift Carolers” just might randomly be “Dashing through the store…”