What’s Up Doc-k?


You might have to channel your inner Bugs Bunny as you drive to the store this week … “Ehhhh, What’s Up Doc-k? Why is it closed?” Well, our explanation to you “wascally wabbits” must first include a huge THANK YOU! We are sincerely overwhelmed by the generous donations from our community. Because of that generosity, we decided to close the dock for two days (June 13th and 14th) in order to let all the departments process the donations.

During this brief pause in donation receiving, we ask that you pray for our staff and volunteers. Everyone is working diligently to prepare and stock the store with merchandise. Even though the dock is closed, the STORE is still OPEN for you to shop. We hope to see you soon!

We strive to give you the best options and shopping experience we can! This two-day donation break will help a lot to get new merchandise in the store. It will also create room for more donations when we open the dock back up on Thursday, June 15th. So, come shop the store and see what we have available. We’re certain you’ll find something that you never knew you’ve always needed…and more!

So ‘that’s all folks’…we have paused so you can pray and purchase – because as you know, every purchase is a gift to the world!