What on Earth …

One of the questions we are often asked by customers, family and friends is, “What is the most interesting thing you’ve found at Gift & Thrift”? If we differed that question to people in different departments, we would likely get a myriad of different responses. What’s interesting to one person might not be overly noteworthy to another. Still, everyone would agree that we are certainly blessed with interesting items to stock the store. In fact, it is rather fascinating to see the items and collections that come through our doors. While our company slogan is, “Where every purchase is a gift to the world”, we could add, “where every donation has a story to tell.”

If you were a fly on the wall in our donation receiving area, you would occasionally witness a brief pause in donation sorting as someone on the team stops and asks, “What do you think this is”? Usually someone knows and the sorting quickly resumes, but every now and then an item comes in that requires further investigation. Fortunately, there is a deep well of knowledge within the walls of our building and somewhere, someone knows what the item does or its intended purpose … which is good, because donations are a lot easier to sort into categories when we know what they are!

While donations like clothing, shoes, office supplies, books and such are what makes our store a go-to place for every day items, those “What on Earth…” items are what make our store a go-to place for curiosity. You really never know what extra treasures you might find when you come to shop at Gift & Thrift. Our community is filled with interesting people who donate interesting things and we are blessed to make the interesting available to you!

So when you shop with us next, we hope you’ll look around the store and come up with your own answer to, “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever found at Gift & Thrift”? By all means, let our wonderful cashiers know your answer when you check out! Chances are your answer will change with every visit you make to our store! See you soon!